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Paradox is a top Rift Guild with the goal to create unity among our players creating long lasting friendships and good times.

Now after years of running a guild on World of Warcraft, The Elders of Paradox look again to redefine themselves in Rift. Those looking to level and instance together will find a solid, casual hope where pressure to participate is unwelcome. Those looking to learn about the game or share their experiences from the newest beginner to the most advanced class masters will find a social space here in which to collaborate. Most importantly, those who wish to find good friends, and good times will know they've found their "Rifting Guild" here with Paradox.

People from different backgrounds and cultures participate in Rifts struggle for freedom and casual gaming. The guild leaders, particularly Fearsome, Vicodin, and Perp had coined the slogan "A Paradox of Unity in Diversity". There are numerous others who were also involved. It should be understood that all of us have multiple identities religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities. No one can claim single identity in Rift but here you can be free.

Our main goal is freedom and achievement. Lets hit goals, all hit 50 and enjoy the game!
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